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residential Services


Our residential customers love our openness and knowledge!  When we provide service for your residential HVAC system, we’ll tell you what we’re doing every step of the way.  Our technicians pride themselves on performing the right work the first time. 

RMS can work on and install split systems, central air, central heating, window A/C units, propane heaters, heat pumps, geothermal systems, and much more!  Ask us about our yearly Maintenance Contract, which includes 5% off all invoices for the year of the contract!


The electricians at RMS are safety-certified, smart, and fun to be around!  They know you expect their best work, and they don’t disappoint!  Residential customers rave about the timeliness and helpfulness of our electrical team, and we’re proud to agree that especially in this case, the customer is definitely right!

Call RMS to see why we boast the best electricians in the business.


The plumbers at RMS put their combined 30 years’ of experience to good use when they come to your home!  We can work on any plumbing in any room: kitchen faucets, bathroom toilets, washroom sinks, laundry room connections, utility room hot water heaters…you get the picture.  We can work on outdoor plumbing: sprinkler systems, underground water lines, outdoor drains.  Our plumbing expertise even extends to gas lines.

If you need plumbing maintenance, plumbing repairs, plumbing products, or just a great plumber to give you DIY advice, give RMS a call!  (We offer a no-plumber’s-cracks guarantee.)

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